2020: Current Development / Ideas / Suggestions

  Voting for listings are running right now on: SouthXchange and Bololex exchanges.
  Blockchain live monitoring for mapping of blocks and their transactions on SQL for Blockchain Explorer use.
  Statistics page with about BBS Coin information, crypto and market descriptions and stats.
  Statistics page to include on-blockchain transactions with an API and documentation. Example chart below(not live):
  Android app
  Exploring adding support for other languages spoken in the world. Current candidate(s): Hindi, German, Italian, French, Turkish and Vietnamese.
  Schadule a revision of the whitepaper for amendments/additions.
  Create a voting system for the community to vote for changes/additions/etc.

2019 - 2020 & future: Long-term
(New team members will be revising items below and mark if done.)

  Bounty program
  New air-drop website and second round of air-drop
  Web hook for web wallet API
  Continuous improving the API and documentation
  Continuous improving the processing speed of web wallet
  Increase the adoption of BBS in websites and forums
  Rewrite the desktop wallet
  More exchanges
  iPhone app
  Enhanced integrations
  Site admin service platform

2018: First half of year

  Desktop wallet
  Official pool
  Pool upgrade to support the latest Node.js version
  Discuz! integration
  Phpwind integration
  myBB integration
  SMF integration
  First exchange listing
  Difficulty algorithm update
  Cryptonight v7 fork to make BBS ASIC resistance
  Web Wallet
  Web wallet API for integrations
  API documentation for web wallet API

2018: Second half of year

  Official websites internationalization
  Web miner in the browser
  Update all the forum plugins to use the web wallet API
  Increase the adoption of BBS in websites and forums
  More exchanges

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